Moto Morini






When I put new Tryes on the 350 Sport, I obtained various advice on size and make. In the end I went with the recommendation of Alex at NLM, who has one of the fastest Morinis around and has tried a lot of tyre combinations.

Avon Roadrunners;

90/90-18 Front AM20

110/90-18 Rear AM21

Some people prefer Bridgestone BT45's, and there dosn't seem to be much to chose between them. The Avons were in stock locally and slightly cheaper.

The Roadrunner has now been superceded by the Roadrider!

A 100/90 is listed as the correct fittment on the front of some models, but I feel it's too wide. Morinis run really quite narrow rims and modern tyres have gotten wider, even if they have the same numbers on the sidewall. The 90/90 is already the widest tyre most manufacturers recommend be fitted to the 2.15" front rim.

I found a 350 Sport fell into very slow corners (i.e. around town) with a 100/90 front tyre, which was a little tiring. The 500 doesn't seem to do this with its longer wheelbase, but there's probably no advantage in the wider front.

Tyres that are too wide do nothing for the handling.

The 250 was a little more tricky to find tyres for. The 2.75 Front and 3.00 Rear sizes are reasonably common, but not in nice soft grippy compounds, most are 'Milleage oriented'.

In the end I found the Metzeler ME22 to be a good tyre.