Moto Morini




350 Darts

The Dart is seen by some as not a real Morini. A result of the Cagiva takeover, it's based on the Freccia a 125 2-stroke (the forerunner of the Mito) and is a mixture of C9, C10, and C12 Freccia parts. Although it lacks the charisma of the earlier bikes, it's still a fantastic ride and holds up the Morini tradition well.

The late version of the engine is much quieter and with an improved gearbox action, but I had to do something about the breathing. The airbox and exhaust system rather strangle the engine in the mid range, just where you would expect a Morini to shine.

Intake and exhaust mods

I bought another Dart via the Morini email list at a price too low to ignore. It had a fairly recent factory 400 barrel set (the last NLM had) and heads by the now defunct Mez Porting. Although it had 6 months tax and MOT, the bike was in poor condition. At leat half a tube of Blue Hylomar had been used to assemble to top end (some of which I had to fish out of the pushrod tunnel with a pearlcatcher), nothing was tight, the aribox was in bits, and one tappet was so far out of adjustment that the pushrod had eaten the end of the rocker.

It took quite a time to sort (fortunately without having to spend any money) and went very well, although I was never happy with the rear brake. I think an Excalibur mastercycliner (smaller bore) had been fitted and it made the rear brake way too sensative and spongy.

Due to a medical problem I don't find Dart seats comfortable any more and they had to go.