Moto Morini





The bike came with Borrani rims front and rear, but it was only when I got it home that I noticed that the front rim was in fact a rear rim. The front hub is much smaller diameter than the rear hub and so the spokes are at a different angle and of course length. The spokes on the front wheel were all bent as a result. Both wheels needed rebuilding anyway, so rather than just replacing one rim I chose to replace both, taking the opportunity to go up one size front and rear. The rims are now the recommended sizes for the tryes I use (90/90 front and 110/90 rear).

Having dismantled the existing wheels I glass bead blasted the hubs, sprocket carrier and brake backplate, before giving them a coat of silver alloy wheel paint. The hubs were then sent off to Central Wheels to be laced to 2.15" front and 2.5" rear Morad (Akront tooling) flanged rims.