Moto Morini






I had a few options on engines. There was the original 350 lump but I also had a pair of late 350 and 500 (507cc) engines, both out of low milleage Excaliburs. These later engines have a number of improvements, including Gilardoni (nikasil) barrels.

I did eventually get the original engine to run after cleaning something resembling tar out of the carbs. It didn't sound too bad, but I suspect it's had a hard life and could really do at the very least with a stripdown and inspection. It also needs one of the exhaust port threads reapairing.

I decided to go with the 501 engine and do a little tuning. I had Alex at NLM port the heads and lighten the primary drive. He also got the timing side main bearing converted to a to a roller type for me.

I'm using an NLM L5r cam and a pair of 30mm PHBH carbs. The ignition system has been converted to the earlier CDI type, but with an NLM improved pickup assembly and with my own 'transducer' boxes.