Moto Morini





Exhaust Sytem

Many people fit 2 into 1 exhausts to their Morinis. These always sound wrong to me and whilst they boost low end torque it seems to be at the expence of top end power.

Alex at NLM had experimented with an Excalibur exhaust on his 501 engined Valentini. This gave both low end torque and top end power, but negated the use of a centre stand, had poor gound clearance and is a very tight fit in the frame. It wraps around behind the rear cylinder, putting both pipes on the right had side of the bike. This is presumably to copy Harley styling cues.

I sugested that he could use a Valentini style pipe on the rear cylinder to solve a lot of these problems and also the use of 'Dairy piping' as a cheap source of high quality stainless steel tubing. The resulting exhaust was a success and I put myself on the waiting list for a copy.


My exhaust is now nearly finished and looks great, with the silencer tucked in really tight.