Moto Morini





Valentini Special

When I traded in my Strada I had thought about buying a Dart, or the Benelli Tornado that NLM had tucked away in their storage shed. Instead I came away with this very abused 1976 Sport fresh in from Italy. On close inspection, it was much nastier than the picture implies, but disc braked, wire wheel bikes are rare.

I was originally just intending to build a fairly standard Sport with a slightly tuned engine, but plans have a habit of changing. Whilst on another trip up to NLM to pick up some spares I spied a Valentini seat/tailpiece on a dust high shelf in their. Having thought about it for a while, I bought the tailpiece for a very reasonable sum (very old price tag on it!) and decided to build a Valentini replica.


The frame turned out to be cracked and the engine mounting were badly worn, so I used one from an early Strada.