Moto Morini





1983 250 2C


I bought this bike whilst I was still riding the 125 on 'L' plates and it was the impetus for me to finally take my test. This UK market bike (MPH calibrated speedo) was found on eBay with just 5011 miles on the clock. I'm inclined to believe the mileage because the carburetor slides were completely unworn. It had obviously spent a lot of time standing around in damp conditions and I had to have the forks re-chromed, replace the disc, and refurbish the carbs. It's the most fantastic back lane scratcher, but the seat foam compresses to nothing in about 30 miles resulting in a bad case of NBS.

Whilst I really enjoyed this bike, it was the one I was using the least and I eventually sold it to NLM to pay for the work that they'd done on my Valentini project and to create some more space. I still have another mostly complete 250, which will eventually turn into something interesting.