Moto Morini




1977 350 Sport


Following on from the 250 2C I wanted a 350 Strada for a more relaxed ride. Instead I was offered this 350 Sport for not a lot of money. I initially thought about converting it to Strada spec. (just raised bars really), but it needed a little more work that I wanted to do just then and I bought a Strada as well. It's now been sorted and is joint favorite with the 250 2C. It came fitted with twin front discs (not original, although you could always order a bike so equiped) and a set of rare Lafranconi 'Riservato Competizione' silencers. I fitted a set of Tarrozzi rearset footpegs as these are just about essential if you want to be able to straighten up after riding.

Cadwell Park track-day 2005