Moto Morini





1979 125H

This picture was taken from the NLM website.

My First Morini was this 1979 125H. The list of things I didn't want was quite long; No two strokes, no race replicas, no cruisers/customs, and no trail bikes. The result was a trip to North Leicester Motorcycles and the purchase of the bike above. It's about 80 miles from Ellistown to Luton and other than my CBT some 8 month before I hadn't been on a bike for 7 years, but Stewart (the owner of NLM) assured me that I'd have no trouble riding it home. There was a slight hiccup when I went to set off as Stewart had forgotten to outfit the bike with 'L' plates to make my journey home a legal one. This was quickly remedied and I fired up the engine to set off. Once I'd remembered that the gears were on the right, I pulled in the clutch and pressed the lever down. The result was a lurch and a stalled engine. Unlike the 3 1/2 and larger engines the 125 and 250 singles and the 250 Vee have a wet clutch and occasionally these will refuse to release if the bike has been stood. Stewart's mechanic and son Alex, quickly sorted it out and I was on my way.

Disaster, just a couple of miles down the road and the clutch cable snapped. A quick mobile phone call and Alex is sent out with a replacement clutch cable which is fitted in a couple of minutes. Apologies are offered, but I wave them away, after all where better to break down and now I have a loverly new 'featherlite' clutch cable. The speedo cable also gave up the ghost on the was home, but a new cable is supplied by next post. After all the bike came with a warantee.

Over the next year I put about 8000 miles on the clock and got bitten by the Morini bug. The handling is superb and very forgiving of a novice rider although the engine is a little harsh, even if a willing performer.  Not long after passing my test I traded this bike back in to NLM.